Day Six

Today we saw so many cool things and new places.  I got to take so many pictures! It was beyond amazing.  First, we went to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.  It was my grandma, my mom, and me walking through the museum and across the preserved wagon wheel ruts.   Our ancestors were one of the first immigrants from the east who came to Oregon across the trail, so we were really excited to be in the same place they had been.  In the museum gift shop we each bought a bonnet to wear all day.  We were real pioneers! Or maybe just a very touristy bunch of people… This photo here is from one of the display wagons in front of the Center.

Next on our agenda was to take part of the Elkhorn Scenic Route all the way to deserted town of Whitney (of course we had to go). We stopped by the railroad tracks at the McEwen Station.  It was closed for the day so it seemed just as deserted as the desolate sage brush valleys there. It was photo heaven! I’ve always thought railroad track photos were kind of cheesy, and it was my first time at a railroad track taking pictures. I won’t bore you with them here, but I probably will end up posting them on my Facebook fan page.

For all the time I’ve been into photography, it’s been my dream to find an old barn to take pictures of and once we arrived in Whitney, Oregon it was fate! All that there is in the little deserted town (or road) of Whitney are old homes and barns with barbed wire fences.  The barbed wire fences are there for a reason, I guess, because I tried to hop one and ended up ripping a big hole in my jeans.  But anyway, all the structures there must have been at least 150 years old.  It’s just so cool to think that at one time it was a lively place full of people and commerce.  Some of the photos didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but I think once I fiddle around with some of the ones I have, they’ll be great in black and white.  The second picture here is from Whitney, and I just love it! I think one day I’ll end up moving somewhere like that outside of the city and in the hills with so much scenery, history and open space.

I hope you enjoy these, and I definitely recommend the Elkhorn Scenic Byway.  Maybe not the famous Sumpter, I didn’t really like the looks of that place. It didn’t really live up to all the hype on the brochures, which I guess places like that never really do. Well, I can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow and what photo opportunities I find.  Wish me luck!

By: Whitney Taylor


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