Day 37: No Sun Required

Sometimes, waking up before my alarm goes off in the morning is one of the greatest feelings. This morning, I welcomed waking up before my alarm said it was time to. I was well rested and had an extra hour to tweet to my heart’s content. I got read interesting PR articles and follow more #project365-ers.

I had a long day of going to class.  All day I kept thinking I would get out of class early and be able to get a few shots and post early. No such luck. Class let out late every time, the clouds came out and covered the sun, and only artificial lights were left on campus when I finally had a minute to take a photo.

I was strangely inspired by the darkness tonight. I just wished I had another jacket, gloves, a tripod, and an escort in the darkness because let’s face it… I’m kind of afraid of the dark. I went around to quite a few different light sources and tested a lot of places out.  I might have to bring my tripod around with me everywhere now!  I’m thinking a nighttime landscape shot on campus with a long exposure after 6 o’clock class gets out…


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2 Responses to Day 37: No Sun Required

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  2. Jim Reed says:

    Night shots can definitely be a lot of fun. When you’ve got that tripod and escort, you may want to try some star trail shots. I experimented with a few of those over the summer and had a blast. Starscape 30

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