Day 50: Christmas Lights!

It’s Day 50!!!!!!!! Today I put my Christmas lights up. It was kind of a pain, but I think they look good. No one else has lights up, so I feel pretty accomplished (and festive).

I took my photos today in RAW again… It’s taking me a while to get the hang of this… I am really, really confused about how to do all of it.  I finally got it into a .jpeg format, but only after I saved it as a zipped file, unzipped it, saved it as a tiff, and then re-saved it as a jpeg.  Ahhh! So confusing… I must be doing something wrong. Oh well, I think this photo is okay.  Day 50 is also the first day of dead week, so I should probably get to studying, writing papers, and all of those terrible things…


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8 Responses to Day 50: Christmas Lights!

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  2. Jim Reed says:

    Nice shot! Keep at it with the RAW, it’s definitely the way to shoot in my opinion. You have so much more flexibility to adjust the shot after the fact. What software are you using? If nothing else, Picasa is free, can read RAW, and can save them directly to JPG. Not as much editing ability as a professional program such as Lightroom, but it will at least cut out the zip/unzip/TIFF/JPG cycle you’re going through!

    • I have photoshop elements, but I’m downloading Picasa right now! I’ll try using it today to see how I like it. Thanks for the advice!!

      • Jim Reed says:

        No problem. I use Elements too, for editing, and to be honest opening RAW files is a bit cumbersome. If I recall they opened through the ACR feature, and applying tweaks to them was a bit of a pain. Once open though, you can “Save for web…” or “Process multiple files…”, either of which outputs them to a JPG.

        I picked up Lightroom 3 about a month ago, and to be honest haven’t opened Elements since. It makes RAW processing an absolute breeze. I don’t even use Picasa anymore, except for the thousands of older images I still have in it. Lightroom is a bit pricey ($300 regularly, about $150 on sale at the moment), but it is worth every penny.

  3. Picasa really confused me… Haha. I think I’m going to try to talk someone into getting me Lightroom for Christmas, I think I could get a student discount on it too. I’ve been trying some of those other features, but I just can get .tiff files so far. I’ll keep trying, but I think Lightroom is my best bet, I’ve heard so many great things about it!

  4. Jim Reed says:

    Oh I forgot you were a student, you can definitely by the Student & Teacher Edition, it’s only $79. It’s the full edition too, so you don’t lose anything.

  5. I had no idea it was so cheap! I might just go and buy that today!! Thanks for the info!

  6. mindymilburn says:

    That is a beautiful shot. I agree that shooting in RAW is best when you can but I totally get your frustration regarding organizing and editing. I’m a Photoshop girl myself but I do have lightroom as well. Just haven’t used it as much 🙂

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