Day 72: Presents

My day was full of Christmas cheer today! Two more baked goods and lots of present wrapping!! There’s even possibilities of another ugly sweater party tonight (fingers crossed). Anyway, I figured I wouldn’t post ANOTHER picture of food, especially since they aren’t exactly Christmas themed. I made brown-sugar shortbread and cranberry-oatmeal bars. My house smells delicious!

On a photography note, I’m having the most difficult time with my camera… I really want my ISO to be low, so my photos don’t turn out grainy. But, with a 200 ISO, I can’t seem to take any photos inside! Even under normal or bright lights.. I don’t understand why! Can anyone give me some tips??


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3 Responses to Day 72: Presents

  1. Jon says:

    re: inside photos . . . the bad news is it get’s dark inside. 🙂 How fast is your lens? What is the lowest F/stop or aperture that it has? The fast the better for inside stuff . . . but more bad news . . . the faster the more money too. 😦

    So, I say, “love the grain!” See if you find ways to make the grain work for you. Embrace it. Try shooting at a really high ISO just for fun. See what happens.

    • Thanks for the advice! 🙂 The lowest aperture is not that low, only around a 4 something, I think. Eventually I’ll have enough money for a faster lens, I hope so anyway!

      I might just love the grain! Give it a vintage look or something 🙂

  2. ndjmom says:

    I have been having the same problem, low indoor lighting is just killing me. Outdoors not a problem so much, but the yellow cast is terrible. I can correct pretty well in PS, but it’s not perfect.

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