Day 82: New Years Eve

It’s the last day of 2010!! It always seems to come too soon.  I’m excited for tonight, I’m going out with my boyfriend to see his little brother’s band play at a bar. Since we’re underage, we’re getting in to be the photographers and videographers. I’ll probably post one of the photos I take tonight tomorrow. Today’s photo is of my first crochet project, a pink hooded baby afghan. It’s been my obsession, I crocheted all day and night. I’ve made a few mistakes, but it’s going well. Also, I went with my mom to get a pedicure and manicure today, so I had to show off my pretty new nails with the pretty little baby blanket.

This year has been absolutely crazy. I can’t wait for a fresh start in 2011, but I feel like my fresh start and New Year started a little early. I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve and makes it a great way to start the new year. Thanks for reading everyone! Now, go have fun and celebrate!


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2 Responses to Day 82: New Years Eve

  1. ndjmom says:

    I’ve tried to crochet and knit many times over the years and I can’t keep the gauge even and my scarves get skinnier and skinnier. Wish I could get the hang of it.

    • I’ve tried to knit before, and I just couldn’t do it on my own or from youtube. Crocheting seems to be a little easier, but I think my blanket is getting wider and wider as I go on. I think the tension is getting looser… It could be the never ending baby blanket! You should try again, it’s so addicting and fun!! 🙂

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