Day 88: A UO Fiesta Hosted by Ellen

Today, Twitter told me that the Ellen show was going to be on campus at 2:30, and that it would be a fiesta.  Last year, the Ellen show that featured Oregon had some kind of contest and the winner got tickets to LA, phones, money… all sorts of stuff! Anyway, the tweet got me so excited because I wanted to know what was going on! Unfortunately, I had class then and a paper due. So, after class I hustled over to the EMU, where it was all supposed to be.

Part of the massive UO fiesta crowd

Apparently, she was handing out Fiesta Bowl tickets, which explains why everyone is dressed up! Anyway, this was the buzz around campus today, and I thought I would share it with all of you! So, I guess keep an eye out for us on Ellen and cheer us on for the big game!

A different view of what was going on today... Everyone was so stoked!



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