Day 103: crochet addiction


I am so addicted to crocheting that I nearly forgot to post a blog today. I began and completed this scarf all in one day! I’m proud. I also am out of town and forgot my camera cord. So, It’s possible I will just post via Droid this weekend, but we will see!!


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4 Responses to Day 103: crochet addiction

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  2. bonniegunkel says:

    Very pretty! I wish I knew how to do something like that!

  3. ndjmom says:

    Very good, I’ve tried over and over to crochet, but I can’t keep a gauge, my scarfs keep getting narrower and narrower, I really wish I could. But I first tried when I was 10 and about every 10 years after that. No success, maybe when I’m 65 and retired just sitting somewhere.

    • I’m retired at heart. I can’t bring myself to crochet in class just yet, but it’s so addicting I want to bring it everywhere! It’s really easy once you get the hang of it! You should try again! It’s so relaxing 🙂

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