Day 105: Woods

My second hike of the weekend was supposed to be at this place called Cape Lookout, but I got stressed out that there wasn’t enough time in the day for a hike, photos, and homework (plus the car ride back to Eugene). So, instead we decided to go on a hike in this teeny town called Woods. Woods has population, maybe, 25. It’s basically a part of Pacific City, but for some reason they have their own name. Anyway, you can tell why it’s called Woods from this photo here. We went up an old logging road and found all sorts of cool things. Ben got some amazing photos of an Owl we saw, but my camera just wasn’t cutting it. The light was too low, and the lens was too short.  Once the road ended, we had to make our way through a few dense trees, much to my early morning moody demise… Ben is a hero for putting up with me sometimes… Anyway, this is the pretty view you find from the back of the hill we climbed.


View from the top

I also was terrified of a “tweety bird” as Ben called it. I was positive it was a giant elk or cougar waiting to attack me. All I could hear was rustling of the leaves and branches in the forest behind us. It didn’t help when I kept telling him I’m scared and all he did was crouch down and look for the noise… My thoughts were not irrational though, all he talks about is hunting when we go up these roads. We saw a bunch of elk or deer rubs (I think that’s what you call them) up in the dense forest too, so I’ve decided it was reasonable.


The dense forest, home of tweety birds and deer rubs.

Tonight (night of Day 106) Ben has a photo awarding night. He submitted some of his photos to the UO Outdoor program. One of his photos made it into the top 7 of the landscape photography category. We find out if he wins it tonight, so that’s pretty cool. I thought I would give his skills a shout out since he doesn’t have a blog I can link to.  His parents just put up a huge canvas print of that photo in their living room. Apparently canvas prints are pretty inexpensive at Costco… I think I may have to go get some done myself. Anyway, I’ve been up for two hours just fiddling with photos. I better get back to my school work and start this week off right! Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading and catching up!


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3 Responses to Day 105: Woods

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    LOVE LOVE the tree shot! Fabulous!

  2. mindymilburn says:

    Congrats to Ben 🙂

    The sky in your shot is beautiful and I love all the textures of the trees!

  3. Thanks!!! 🙂 I feel like the tree shots could be better, but I’m happy enough with how they came out. 🙂

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