Day 108: Pasta Salad

Today I’m dedicating my blog to my roomie Aloura because she seemed sad today.

I’ve been quite the housewife this week. It’s kind of strange. Anyway, I made three meals from scratch again today! Breakfast included two types of egg dishes. Lunch was a tuna melt. It was delicious, but not pretty. So I didn’t photograph it. Dinner was a giant pasta salad with all sorts of yummies plus pan fried chicken with caramelized onions and mushrooms AND garlic toast. So tasty!

My Wednesday's housewife dinner for a family of four.

The only terrible thing my cooking lead to was the multiple times I cut myself. I nearly chopped my finger off mid-dinner cooking…

For some reason I only have scooby doo band-aids...



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6 Responses to Day 108: Pasta Salad

  1. schleefy says:

    it really looks yummie…..getting hungry…3 hours to g till lunch break…

    I like the Scobby Doo band-aid…..

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  3. bonniegunkel says:

    Can I come be your roomie? Looks delicious! Feel free to send me those recipes. LOL! Oh yeah, and I think I forgot to comment on your Pad Thai photo…but I love, love, love Pad Thai. You can send me that one too! LOL

    I had to laugh out loud at your bandaid. All I have is Hello Kitty and Littlest Pet Shop ones. 🙂 Hope your finger’s ok. 🙂

  4. bonniegunkel says:

    Oh and PS…Tell Aloura some random blog friend of yours said hi. Hope she has a better day today! 🙂

    • Hahahahahaha. I will tell her that! My pasta salad is just kind of made up and thrown together with oil and vinegar. It had artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, tomatoes, peppers, mozzarella, avocados hmm I think that’s it.

      The pad thai came from the Food Network tho! It was SO good! 🙂

      And… It’s kind of embarassing to go to a college class with a scooby doo bandaid. I didn’t really think this through…. But it’s good to know other people can’t resist silly bandaids either. 🙂 hahahah.

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