Day 121: Life Is Crazy

I haven’t thought about #project365 AT ALL today. You would think, 121 days of this and I would remember to take a photo… Apparently not. This week is crazy, and I’m slacking on everything. This photo is evidence how terribly chaotic this week has been.

Not only #project365 is seriously slacking this week...


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6 Responses to Day 121: Life Is Crazy

  1. alourad says:

    Hahaha oh man. Thanks for doing these!!!!! We are both messes this week! At least you are holding yourself together!

    PS. This picture is really really cool. I love the knife and spatchula action. Tehehe

  2. bonniegunkel says:

    I wish I was closer to you so I could stop by and give both you girls a hug! I know it’s crazy right now, but just try to focus on the final outcome! I hadn’t noticed the “knife and spatula action” until I read Aloura’s comment, but that is pretty awesome! Hang in there!

  3. bonniegunkel says:

    Well I totally forgot to say that I really love the way you are able to convey through your photos what is going on in your every day life. Your photos tell a story, and I think that is amazing!

  4. mindymilburn says:

    You poor thing, I seriously think you need a vacation doll! Don’t worry about forgetting to take a photo, I am 311 days in and I still forget 🙂

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