Day 150: Wind and Flowers

It’s day 150!! Wow! How crazy is that?!

Today, I tried to capture the part sunshine part wind day we’re having. A few years ago, I took some really pretty flower pictures about this time of the year. Unfortunately, I lost all of them in my latest computer crash. So, in effort to build up and recreate my portfolio, I’ve decided it’s time for me to invest in a macro filter soon! So, I have this flower photo and a windy photo today, in honor of day 150 I felt that it was appropriate to post two.

Spring is coming!

This thing can be so distracting and fun to watch on windy days like today.


Not the best, but I thought I'd share.



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7 Responses to Day 150: Wind and Flowers

  1. schleefy says:

    I like the flower photo…especially the purple(?) floral…..

  2. mindymilburn says:

    Ok what is that thing in the second shot? I am so intrigued!! And the flower shot is GORGEOUS!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Jim Reed says:

    Great colors in the flower shot Whitney!

  4. DAwn says:

    Love love crocus love love love the DOF. Can’t wait for flowers here and I’ll start up my flower series

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