Day 157: Kayak Flyer

So, today I’m not posting one of the photos I took, exactly… I made this flyer for my friend’s new kayak business. I made the logo in the bottom left corner. Ben took the photos. It’s just a rough draft, but I figured I’d post it anyway. So, tell me what you think!!


Dustin's Pacific City Kayak Business


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5 Responses to Day 157: Kayak Flyer

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    How cool are you? You’re just branching out all over the place! 🙂

  2. Leslie says:

    At the risk of giving too much feedback and please note I am NOT a professional so feel free to ignore everything I say, I will give the following critique:

    1) Instead of “Purchase” how about “Sales”? That goes with Rentals, Guides… Sales
    2) Three things make anything stand out: a) red; b) faces; c) women. The third item may be unfair but that’s the way things are so there you go.
    3) There’s no contact information on the front of this so I’m going to presume it’s on the back?
    4) The photos are great. But… they make it look cold. Being from a sunny climate, I want it to look warm. But maybe that’s the way it is.
    5) I would go for photos that perhaps make kayaking look like “fantastic FUN”. But then I am not a kayaker so maybe this is the kind of thing that appeals to your customers
    6) There are three logos at the bottom plus “Dustin’s etc.” Whatever the main business is, presumably Dustin’s… should be the most prominent IMHO

    Just my two cents

  3. mindymilburn says:

    I love your creativity! I am with Leslie on the contact information though, that is the most important thing on a flyer for any business. I actually love the photos though.

  4. ndjmom says:

    Considering you are in a rainy overcast state I like the concept of the fog, I normally wouldn’t think about going canoeing or kayaking in dreary weather. This makes me think differently. But like Leslie said I would brand it with the company’s name prominently. So even if they don’t pick up the flyer they remember the name and look it up.

    Make the company image and name stand out, put it at the top. I take it the other companies are the brands he carries or uses? Are they helping to pay for the flyer? I can understand how their brand recognition might be higher than his company, but on a flyer it may not be worth the large real estate space. How is a food company related to Kayaking? Do they partner some way with catered lunches or pack meals?

    • Wow! Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone!
      Contact information is definitely a good idea. We were trying to figure out what else would be good to say. Changing the wording to sales is definitely a plus too!!
      He wants to get more photos, so once it stops pouring down rain he is going to do that. I didn’t think about how those photos could be useful since it is often foggy here, good thinking Dawn! 🙂
      Also, it’s a tough situation with the other two logos because moment and bj’s are partner businesses in the same building right on the beach. Dustin is partnering with them to get his business going. People would recognize their name and know where to go, but I could probably change their size. Also, good advice on the placing of his logo! Thanks guys!!!! This helps so much 🙂
      Lastly, sorry for my feminist rambles here, but I am definitely against using women as sex objects to attract business though. I’m not going to consider that because it’s not how things are, that’s just how the media portrays women these days…

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