Day 177: It’s Time…

“What time is it?”
“Well.. It’s time to take a stand against sexual abuse!”
“Hell yeah it is!”

That was just one of many conversations I had with people on the University of Oregon campus today.  I went around with a few friends carrying green and yellow clocks that said, “It’s time… To Take a Stand Against Sexual Abuse.” Today is the Day of Action for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center suggested that supporters change their profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter to photos pictures of themselves holding up a clock. This would be to signify that it was time to do something about sexual assault! The example the website gave was, “It’s time… to stop making sexist jokes.”

Leave me a comment and answer this: What time is it time for you to do?

My mini spontaneous campaign seemed to have been a success! FIFTY PHOTOS!


Special thanks go to:
Ben for helping me construct the clocks!
Aloura for providing the clocks!
Allison for helping me in the morning!
Micaela for standing with me and talking to people for hours this afternoon!
Cecilia for hunting her friends down!
Rachelle M. for sending me her clock photo from out of town!
ANYONE who saw my clocks and supports the cause!
EVERYONE who has read this far!


And finally… here are today’s resources:
The video link to Biden’s speech yesterday.
This awesome photo of a similar campaign.


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12 Responses to Day 177: It’s Time…

  1. Rachelle Morrison says:

    Whitney! You are amazing! I am blown away with your post and dedication!!!!! You are an awesome woman. I LOVE what you are doing, and I will always support you! MUCHO love and lets get together soon! Rachelle

  2. Thank you so much Rachelle!! You’re the best! Photoshoot date VERY soon please 🙂 As soon as I’m home!

  3. schleefy says:

    I am more than impressed. 50 Photos….awesome work. You are amazing. I will definitely support you workl……………

    Keep going……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mindy says:

    YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!! I know I keep saying this but it is the absolute truth!

  5. I certainly hope you are as proud of yourself as we all are of you!! Your dedication to this cause is beyond amazing! 50 photos…you go girl!

  6. Jim Reed says:

    Great idea, and good job taking action Whitney! I haven’t commented on your series yet, though I am following. With two young daughters at home the subject matter just makes me somewhat uncomfortable. Then again, I suppose that’s the point, isn’t it?

    • Being uncomfortable is completely understandable. I have a baby sister overseas and it’s definitely uncomfortable thinking about what could happen one day… But, that’s just why we need to keep the conversation open about it and work to end it in our next generation!

  7. Dawn says:

    Awesome post! You dis more than just write, you took action and made an impact, so inspiring!

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