Day 180: Silence

Today I got to thinking about the silence that a lot of people go through after the abuse. Sometimes it’s easier to pretend it didn’t happen, and to do that you have ignore a lot of things.

It’s kind of silly, but I like the analogy of the green water bottle. If I have a problem with, for example, a green water bottle, then I can just avoid the green water bottle. However, next I’ll avoid anything the resembles the green water bottle. Soon all water bottles and all things that are green will remind me of the first water bottle, and I’ll have to stay away from those things. Pretty soon, I will be ignoring all things that are green and all water, which doesn’t make for a very nice world (especially from a photographer’s point of view).

So, I think that today’s photo can be interpreted in many different ways. For me, it represents the silence about the abuse. It represents ignoring your true self after the abuse and how frightening it can be to really think about and admit what happened to you.  The book in the photo is “I Never Called it Rape.”

Frustrated with the Silence

So, what do you all think? What do you think it represents? What about the photo itself?? It was pretty difficult to get this photo, and I think it probably could have turned out better. However…. It’s 11:15 and I’m tired of running up and down the stairs! It’s time for bed!

Resources for today:

The Slut Walk campaign/protest in Toronto after a policeman said rape would stop if women would stop dressing so slutty.

The White Ribbon Campaign, another interesting organization working to end sexual violence through redefining what it means to be a man.


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7 Responses to Day 180: Silence

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    You are amazing! I hope you never get tired of hearing that 🙂

    You have to tell us how you made this photo! I am in awe. Complete awe.

  2. schleefy says:

    Awesome….Wow Factor….!!!!
    I am guessing the whole time how u did that. I guess in Photoshop….but how. I join Bonnies question: Let us know how u did it.

    That photo is awesome it shows helplessness, frustration, to go insane…..and a lot of silence….respect…..

    Keep going……I told friends from your theme I hope they will visit your site…

    • Thank you so much!!! That’s great I hope they visit too!

      So here is how I did it:
      I set up the camera on a tripod from the upstairs of this house. The settings were…Exposure 25 seconds. F stop 9.0. ISO 200. The camera was on a timer. I clicked the button, ran down the stairs, and jumped into position on the couch. Lights were on. Then, Ben shut the lights off a few seconds into the exposure. That was when I jumped up and held the second pose (standing up). Ben flickered the lights three times very quickly during the end of the shot. And this was the result!!! I only photoshoped it a little. I used the burn tool to darken myself, but not much editing 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow, that picture is so amazing and powerful! I see a lot of bottled up frustration and trying hard to keep everything inside. I definitely see silence and I can relate.

    I also wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours as well! You’re so creative and talented and I think what you are doing this month is absolutely amazing! You capture everything so well.

    If you ever want to guest post on my blog, you’re free to. You can write whatever or even post a picture like the ones here if you would like. Let me know what you think and keep up the awesome work! I’ll definitely be following.

    • Thanks so much! That’s great to hear from another survivor’s perspective! You can count on your blog being a resource tonight! I’m glad you’ve stopped by too, and I’d be happy to feature your work here as well. If you have poems, art, anything like that! I saw your email on your blog, I’ll email you sometime soon when I have a little extra time! Thanks again for stopping by!

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