Day 181: Support Survivors

I know that this is not an easy topic, and I keep thinking about being less intense about it. I’ve decided not to be less up-front about it because the abuse and aftermath of the abuse is intense for survivors.  They don’t get to choose whether or not to deal with it. They shouldn’t have to go about it alone. I know that my blog really is not going to change the world, but it will get my readers to start paying attention. I have real proof a heightened sense of awareness!! Read the short story at the end of this post!

Today the @YWCAUSA tweeted, “When a rape occurs, every1 questions the woman. If her purse is stolen, no one asks what was woman wearing, what was she drinking? #wmp2011”

If your purse gets stolen while you’re drinking, well then you should be against drinking, not the person who stole your purse. Well, no that doesn’t really make sense does it? If you are assaulted while you’ve been drinking, you should just not drink, then nothing bad would happen. Right? It doesn’t make sense to avoid everything and live in fear, just so someone doesn’t make the choice to commit a crime or not. It’s not fair that survivors deal with this alone.

Questioning whether or not to give support

If you’ve been sexually abused, violated, assaulted, raped, or whatever else you want to call it, you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re alone or like you can’t talk about it.


Being supprotive, no matter what.

My roommate literally just got home from a birthday party. She and her boyfriend were walking home from a party. She heard, saw, and followed a young couple who were arguing very loudly. It was starting to get physical, and they were concerned. The girl insisted everything was alright. According to my roommate, moments later, it seemed like the girl broke the young man’s nose.

Then, only two blocks from my house, she heard another outrageous conversation. A group of four young men were joking about their sex lives. The exact quote was, “I don’t rape girls, I just f*** them when they say no!” Then, laughter. Next, “It’s my decision if we have sex or not, c***!” My roommate and her boyfriend went to confront them, and he said he was sorry that she heard him. However, her boyfriend should know, “what it’s like to joke around with your boys.”

I’m pretty sure this is where, “redefining what it means to be a man” comes into play. Especially in fraternities, where all they do is “joke around with their boys.” The police should be out looking for violence on Saturday nights, not MIPs. It makes me so angry!


I found another amazing blog today. Sarah has the courage to tell her story to anyone who comes across her blog, which all of you should go look. On her last post, I read a quote she found from Start By Believing. Her story is amazing and her blog is definitely worth exploring.

This is a list of myths about sexual assault. It’s definitely worth taking a look at!

This is a pretty scary story about letting convicted rapists out of jail.

Maybe you want to read the “other” side of the story. This is what mainstream media loves to pick up on. The first hit on google when i searched, “rate of false rape.” Ridiculous, and sorry, but it’s so typical of fox news.


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4 Responses to Day 181: Support Survivors

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    Don’t you dare back down Whitney! You are making such a difference in people’s lives and their way of thinking. You’re calling attention to a matter that is very important. You have power in your hands…don’t let it go. 🙂

  2. schleefy says:

    Keep going Whitney…don’t back down. People must get forced to think about it….and people start listening to you…cry it out loud….

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