Day 196: Night Scene

Well, it’s almost midnight, so I better get to posting this thing… My blog has been so time consuming lately! Sexual Assault Awareness Week on campus starts tomorrow, so I’ll have some better photos this week. Well, that’s the hope anyway… My ideas are quickly fizzling out. Midterms are here, and there just is not enough time!!

Anyway, it’s just a super quick shot tonight! It’s supposed to be showing the dangers of traveling from inside to the car. Or, at least that vulnerable time between house and car. It can be really scary walking into alleys and dark parking garages alone!

The most dangerous trip can be from inside to the car


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9 Responses to Day 196: Night Scene

  1. I so admire you dedication to this project Whitney. Looking forward to this week’s photos! Good luck on your mid-terms! 🙂

  2. mindymilburn says:

    It might be a quick shot but you really captured that frightening feeling of fumbling for your keys and checking over your shoulder to make sure no one is behind you. It is almost a feeling of panic that doesn’t subside for a while. I hope you know that even if I haven’t commented I have been reading every day and I am still so proud of the work you are doing!

  3. schleefy says:

    Hey, your photos are awesome and you are able to capture the situation with all the emotions. Perfect. Looking forward to see more of your work….

  4. Chris Taylor says:

    Great pics! Went through and looked through a while. It must be challenging to keep up with the different subjects. Hope mid-terrms aren’t kick’n your butt too bad, and no doubt you’ll do great! I look forward to going through, and seeing more your work. Take care, and I hope some fun finds you every day.

  5. Fantine says:

    This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any atirlces on rehab?

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