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Day 263: Tidepools

Before work today, I took pup down to the beach for a quick walk. I was pleasantly surprised with a low tide and no rain! I am so happy the sun came out today. Advertisements

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Day 262: Unavoidable Weather

Besides this perpetual rain, I had a pretty decent day. Even though it’s raining, my photo still turned out pretty well! I like the way the rain drops are captured in the background.

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Day 261: Not Rain

I refuse to accept the rain. I took a photo today, but it was not that great and it was in the rain. Unacceptable. It’s almost July and this photo is from March. This rain needs to quit!

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Day 260: Garden Pinwheel

It rained all day today. Such a sad rainy day… But, I did manage to post to my craft blog SO CHECK IT OUT! Obviously, this photo is not from today…

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Day 259: Beautiful Places

I was in so many beautiful places today. Sometimes I feel like if I wasn’t surrounded with such amazing scenery I wouldn’t be able to make it through tough days. I’m so thankful for my surroundings today.

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Day 258: Puppies at Play

I have another wedding today, and I am so excited! Today’s wedding is really far from here, so I probably won’t be back until after midnight. I took some photos this morning of my kombucha, but I’m saving that for … Continue reading

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Day 257: Infatuation Continues

It was an amazing day today on the coast. About five or six years ago I used to spend my summers laying in these grassy sand dunes reading books and listening to music. No books or music today, just relaxing. … Continue reading

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