Day 269: Tortoises

I had a fabulous day of work today. I went to two local farms and learned all about them. I’m so, so into this local food thing. I’ll probably post more of the photos soon to my Food Roots blog because I got so many great shots! This photo is of the tortoise I met today. It’s the pet on one of these small farms. Apparently, the tortoise responds like a dog to words like, “no.” Isn’t that crazy? I had no idea tortoises could do that!

Apparently this thing eats a whole bunch! Notice the food residue on its mouth?? How embarrassing!


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One Response to Day 269: Tortoises

  1. schleefy says:

    Wow a great portrait of a Tortoises…I really love it…The look is great…it looks like she/he is posing

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