Day 273: Near Sunset

I’ve been waiting to take a sunset photo on the beach ever since I lost all my old photos in my last computer crash. I had a pretty good collection, but now I have to start it all over. That’s alright though, I like the few that I’ve taken so far this year. Tonight I started my photos in .jpeg format instead of .nef format, and at the end I switched back to .nef. I wanted to compare the difference, and overall I’ve decided I much prefer .nef and its possibilities. I always have to edit the RAW photos a little bit, but they look so much better post-processing than the .jpeg files. Lesson of the day: Always shoot in RAW! : ) Two posts today, and two hours until my birthday. Woo!

The details and colors of the clouds shine through in RAW mode.


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Crochet. DIY. Gardens. Nonprofits. Crafts. Travel. Organic. Food. Photography. Digital Marketing. Social Media. PR.
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2 Responses to Day 273: Near Sunset

  1. schleefy says:

    That is an amazing sky. I love the colors….perfect…it looks so dramatic… looks like you have placed the people in the photo…..perfect work

  2. bonniegunkel says:

    Love the pastel shades!

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