Life in Black and White

Looking back, I have no idea why I didn’t ever have a black and white theme. I always hated shooting in monochrome because I figured I could always switch the photos into black and white later. I guess that I am a little curious to see what these would have looked like in color, but I really like the idea of shooting in black and white for a while!

I feel like when you shoot in black and white, you get a better idea of the contrasts and composition of the scene. Who knows. The important thing is that I got a bunch of really cool photos in black and white, and I thought I’d share a bunch more with all of you. And, hey! Why not?! It’s not like I’m breaking the rules of project365 🙂

So much contrast!!!

I feel like the black and white really enhances the mood of this one!

I love the texture and depth to this one.

If only the ground was snow covered.

 Only if life was always in black and white 🙂


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One Response to Life in Black and White

  1. schleefy says:

    I like b/w and unfortunately I am not taking enough b/w. Before I moved to digital I took 99% of my photos in b/w….

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