Week Eight: Tip the Scale Event

I am overwhelmingly busy this term with this huge PR project. I’m working with a team on creating and implementing a campaign to combat childhood obesity in the local area. Yesterday, we had our big event called the Tip the Scale Activity Fair. Our event was a huge success. It was even on TV! So exciting. Anyway, I got so many amazing photos!! Here are a few from the event, but more will be coming tomorrow on the tipthescale.org website. Check it out for more photos!

Simon says… touch your toes!

Repping the Oregon Ducks!

Fitness experts teaching kids the right ways to exercise

Children and parents jogged, hopped and skipped around the circle to warm up

Everyone was so happy during the event. This family just melted my heart.

Who doesn’t love playing with a huge parachute?!

P.S. all these photos are SOOC!


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