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Week 17: Snow Pea Friends

My roommates and I are obsessing over our plant babies, and these are by far the cutest. The snow peas are my roommate’s pride and joy, and look at them! They even hold hands. I think this photo makes them … Continue reading

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Week 16: Highway Sunset

Last Friday I was driving from Portland to Eugene around sunset, and it was absolutely amazing. It’s too bad we were driving 70 miles an hour; my shutter just doesn’t click that fast.

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Week 15: Baby Bok Choy

This is probably the best photo I took all week. It’s nothing special, but I just really like the simplicity of it. These baby bok choy’s are absolutely delicious and just so pretty.

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Week 14: Easter Flowers

Happy Easter everyone! Here are some pretty spring flowers from my weekend with my lovely mother.

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Week 13: Candle Light

Campfire photos are always fun to play with, so why not test out a candle light photo. I think this was pretty successful, especially the softness and color contrast.  Thoughts?

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