Week 6: My Birthday, Ladybugs and Macro Lenses

Obviously, this is why I’ve been so behind. Recovering from the most wonderful day of the year, my birthday.

This year was the first year I’ve had to work on my birthday. So lame. I feel like such a grown up. But, I did get to have a mini birthday party in the office, complete with rainbow cake, balloons and free Dutch Bros. Now that I say that, I really don’t sound like a grown up at all.

So anyway… For my birthday my dad sent me this fabulous 40 mm fixed lens, which I immediately took to Pacific’s founder’s farms and started snapping macro shots (did I mention that’s part of my job? Love it!). I really miss my 35 mm fixed I had for my Nikon, so this was a nice surprise.


Macro shot. Lady bugs and sunflower leaves. I love this.

I did also go somewhere fun over the weekend, besides the farms, (camping in Cottage Grove for a pre-wedding party), but I was so excited about my macro I had to share that photo instead!

And BAM! I’m all caught up. Now off to road trip to the coast for Week 7 of my Summer Photo Project.


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One Response to Week 6: My Birthday, Ladybugs and Macro Lenses

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    Glad you had a great birthday! Congrats on the new lens!

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