Week 7: Sand and Grass

For week 7, I took a mini road trip to the coast. I have a rotating canvas photo up at a little bakery there, and it was really great to see a piece of my work up on the walls, besides my house. It made me feel really good!

I wandered down to the beach for a few minutes to snap a photo. When I spent the summers on the Oregon Coast growing up, I’d always hide in the beach grass hills to get away from the wind. I was thinking about that while I was snapping this photo, and I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that it was almost 10 years ago I was thinking back to. I’d always bring a little digital camera with me and take pictures. Who knew I’d end up with thousands of photos of sand and grass.


Sand, grass, water and lots of wind. Felt like home.

So one more to my collection of beach photos. But, I really like this one. You can tell why I had to hide behind all this grass. So much wind!

Side note- My computer stopped taking RAW camera formats and won’t open any of my photos anymore. Any ways to fix that on a mac?


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One Response to Week 7: Sand and Grass

  1. bonniegunkel says:

    Beautiful shot. Wish I was there…

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