Week Nine: Yellowstone

Two and a half months later… here’s my extremely late Week 9 of my Summer Photo Project. Sorry guys.

But let’s get to it.

YELLOWSTONE! Seriously amazing in every way, shape and form. Stephen and I took a road trip from Oregon through Washington, Idaho, Montana and into Wyoming. The trip took two days each way, and we only spent two nights in the park, but oh my goodness! What an experience! AND on our trip we got to cross off a few more states on my 50 State Bucket List.

My friend Kirsten was working at the park this summer, so we got in for free and got to stay with her for free! We tried to do as much as possible in the one full day we were there, so here’s a quick recap.

First stop- hike up Mt Washburn. We were almost killed by a goat and didn’t make it all the way to the top (in interest of time and me and my old lady joints being way out of shape).


It had red eyes.

Up next, was this amazing waterfall.


To die for.

Then, we did a lot more driving and sight seeing. Geysers, hot spots, boiling mud and lots of sulfur. I had no idea how much driving we would be doing in Yellowstone. Put a lot of miles on the my baby Subie.

We stopped by the giant lake (apparently, there’s a giant lake that really looks like an ocean) and had a local beer on the porch of a hotel while we took in the beauty. Then, hoped back in the car to see this:

old faithful at sunset

If I ever go back, I’d love to take a long exposure of Old Faithful with the stars above. I think that would be fantastic. After that, we headed back to my friend’s dorm room. So, we saw a lot of the park at sunset. Like this:

Wide open and beautiful sunset. They’re not lying when they say this is Big Sky country.

I was waiting for animals. No animals that night. So, right around sunrise we went to another part of the park. We finally saw lots of animals! Amazing.

Then, we took the longest drive I’ve ever taken in my entire life: through Idaho on a Sunday. I’ll rant about that in another post though.

And, that wraps up week 9!

Week 10 was a wedding. Week 11 was a break from the madness and a weekend of housework. Week 12 was a trip to the beach for work. And ever since then work has gone a little insane. So now we’re all caught up! State posts are up next, but let’s not make any promises for post dates…


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