Day 27: Early Leaves

On my way to work this morning, the leaf blower people were blowing leaves (duh) all over the street and off of the sidewalks. It was beautiful as I drove through the leaves blowing in the air. But, clearly, it wasn’t safe to take a photo as I drove through. And, probably not safe to be driving through thick leaves blowing across the road with people inches from my tires as I sped by to begin with.

But anyway, I was pretty early to work today, and I knew it would start raining and/or get dark by the time I left the building again. I didn’t want to be fooled by the light or rain once more, so I went on a 1/4 block walk from the entrance of our building and found this nice sight. Abandoned downtown streets just after 8am and leaves everywhere, fallen naturally. The leaf blower (people) hadn’t gotten there yet.

And so here it is. Leaves. Empty streets. Bike racks. From an alley. How Eugene.

so quiet

so quiet


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