Day 60: shutterfly

I feel like this project 365 is like a workout I really don’t want to do but I know if I stop I’m going to regret it. I keep trying to psyche myself up for it thinking just get to day 60 (2 more minutes!) ok at least through the end of this year (just make it to 4 miles then you can stop) and eventually I’ll get to the end (or give in to my laziness). So right now I’m at stage make it through the end of the year. We’ll see.

Anywho. Today, this photo-related item arrived so it’s my iPhone photo of the day.

Now my phone is running out of space. I really feel like the world is telling me to stop! Computer backup was a moderate fail. I now have 50 GB free (from like 4) but the computer is still moving slow and quitting on me continually. Sooooo what’s a girl to do?! Help much appreciated 🙂


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