Day 62: Downtown Eugene

I love that soon we’ll be to the darkest shortest day of the year because after that, it’ll start getting lighter and lighter and someday it will be light enough for me to return to after work photos. Well, photos after work when it’s light outside. For now though, I think I like these evening post sunset photos.

Today was another crazy weather day, as evident by the ridiculous color of sky in this photo. Honestly, that’s how it looked in the camera – no photoshopping (lightroom-ing) the color at all. Just enhancing the fill and exposure since it was taken in raw. And clarity and sharpness since it was taken at night in a rush. But, I’m not wearing my glasses now so I can’t really attest to the sharpness of it.

Make a wish! It's 11/11

Make a wish! It’s 11/11

On a side note, can you believe this was taken in the middle of downtown at 5 p.m.? So quiet, Christmasy, and of course beautiful.

And side note #2, I was feeling photo inspired (and RIDICULOUSLY productive). Who knows what it was – the high winds, the skies yesterday – but I actually brought my camera with me to work. Today was the first day that I’ve searched for a photo I’ve wanted to take, too. I had an IDEA for a PHOTO! It wasn’t the photo above because I just ran out of time (being super productive!).  And, I actually did work out today (again – productive.) so maybe my photo slump is over (and my workout metaphor).

And, after 250+ words – I think that about wraps it up. Thanks #project365.


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