Days 63-70: Busy photo catch up

And again I’m terrible at both taking and posting photos, but I feel like I have a good excuse this time because my life/work was ridiculously busy. Do I say that every time?

This week was the longest week ever, but looking back it looks rather nice. Just a lot going on! I’m ramping up for a solid 8 working days off and there were parties on parties this week (rough life – but, really, it’s been so busy).

Day 63: Peace on Earth

Day 63: Peace on Earth

I feel like this is a pretty cliche photo for Eugene, but it was harder to get a photo than I thought since the building was so tall. The first photos came out “Peace On Farth.”

Day 64: Christmas Party in Portland

Day 64: Portland highways

On Saturday, we went up to Portland for a little Christmas party. Since the night comes so early, I settled for a through the windshield photo of the highways.

Day 65: Foggy roads

Day 65: Foggy roads

On our way home from the Christmas party, there was all this photogenic fog (which I am terrified of) refracting the light from street lamps. Since it’s so scary to get out in the foggy midnight to take a photo, I opted to make a mental memory of its beauty instead. So, here’s a foggy scene from the beginning of Project 365 #2 instead.

Day 65: First party

Day 66: Mini pancakes

Monday kicked off the first day of parties at work. Day one started with a welcome back potluck breakfast, and I made these super cute mini pancake skewers.

Day 66: mini golf

Day 67: mini golf

On day 67, it was our turn to host the office party. For our fun-raising activity, we had a carnival game, like this mini golf. Office mini golf is the greatest thing ever, by the way, such a hit! This is the second of three mini golf holes.

Day 67: Holiday party

Day 68: Holiday party

On Day 68, I forgot my camera – the worst day to forget my camera! We went to the beautiful King Estate Winery for a holiday luncheon. Instead of posting my own photo, here’s a photo from the party. Blue Bus Creatives, the photo company there, absolutely amazing. They have a photo booth in a vanagon. It’s my dream.

Day 68: Mom date

Day 69: Mom date

On Thursday, my mom made a surprise visit. We went Christmas shopping and out to dinner. These holiday cocktails were the most delicious thing ever! Bourbon, blackberries, rosemary. Yummmm.

Day 69: Perplexed kitty

Day 70: Perplexed kitty

She is always so confused.


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