October 10 Reflection

FIVE years ago today, I started Project 365 accidentally. A huge healing piece of my life, and who knows if I would be in the same place today without it.

So, starting with this photo in 2010.


Then 2011, the end of Project365, Oct 9th I guess. One year later in the same place, different mindset.


Last year, 2014, I decided to try it again and started in the same place.


And, now 2015. Some more bokeh, the same tree and place. Then a rather stressful year and a lot of changes to go along with it. No longer needing project 365 to keep me sane and on track. Rather more of a distraction and source of hassle once I got through the day, so I quit as you maybe had noticed. So, as a reflection instead of starting the project365 year at a new tree.


And a few more photos just for fun.

IMG_3336 IMG_3403

Happy New Year!

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Days 72-73: Foggy Days

I say the word “Days” loosely. I may have completely forgotten about taking a photo yesterday, so I went on TWO photo missions today. Real. Photo. Missions.

Not the greatest results, but it was good to get out.

This fog is so breathtaking on these hills. It's been difficult getting to clearing to capture it.

“Day 72:” This fog is so breathtaking on these hills. It’s been difficult getting to clearing to capture it. I like the blue cast

Day 73: Macro shot, my fave

Day 73: Macro shot, my fave

Consolidating the blogs has made catching up so much easier.

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Day 71: ugly sweater party

It’s Literally my favorite time of year. Just because the sweaters. And parties. And food. And joy. And everything.




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Days 63-70: Busy photo catch up

And again I’m terrible at both taking and posting photos, but I feel like I have a good excuse this time because my life/work was ridiculously busy. Do I say that every time?

This week was the longest week ever, but looking back it looks rather nice. Just a lot going on! I’m ramping up for a solid 8 working days off and there were parties on parties this week (rough life – but, really, it’s been so busy).

Day 63: Peace on Earth

Day 63: Peace on Earth

I feel like this is a pretty cliche photo for Eugene, but it was harder to get a photo than I thought since the building was so tall. The first photos came out “Peace On Farth.”

Day 64: Christmas Party in Portland

Day 64: Portland highways

On Saturday, we went up to Portland for a little Christmas party. Since the night comes so early, I settled for a through the windshield photo of the highways.

Day 65: Foggy roads

Day 65: Foggy roads

On our way home from the Christmas party, there was all this photogenic fog (which I am terrified of) refracting the light from street lamps. Since it’s so scary to get out in the foggy midnight to take a photo, I opted to make a mental memory of its beauty instead. So, here’s a foggy scene from the beginning of Project 365 #2 instead.

Day 65: First party

Day 66: Mini pancakes

Monday kicked off the first day of parties at work. Day one started with a welcome back potluck breakfast, and I made these super cute mini pancake skewers.

Day 66: mini golf

Day 67: mini golf

On day 67, it was our turn to host the office party. For our fun-raising activity, we had a carnival game, like this mini golf. Office mini golf is the greatest thing ever, by the way, such a hit! This is the second of three mini golf holes.

Day 67: Holiday party

Day 68: Holiday party

On Day 68, I forgot my camera – the worst day to forget my camera! We went to the beautiful King Estate Winery for a holiday luncheon. Instead of posting my own photo, here’s a photo from the party. Blue Bus Creatives, the photo company there, absolutely amazing. They have a photo booth in a vanagon. It’s my dream.

Day 68: Mom date

Day 69: Mom date

On Thursday, my mom made a surprise visit. We went Christmas shopping and out to dinner. These holiday cocktails were the most delicious thing ever! Bourbon, blackberries, rosemary. Yummmm.

Day 69: Perplexed kitty

Day 70: Perplexed kitty

She is always so confused.

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Day 62: Downtown Eugene

I love that soon we’ll be to the darkest shortest day of the year because after that, it’ll start getting lighter and lighter and someday it will be light enough for me to return to after work photos. Well, photos after work when it’s light outside. For now though, I think I like these evening post sunset photos.

Today was another crazy weather day, as evident by the ridiculous color of sky in this photo. Honestly, that’s how it looked in the camera – no photoshopping (lightroom-ing) the color at all. Just enhancing the fill and exposure since it was taken in raw. And clarity and sharpness since it was taken at night in a rush. But, I’m not wearing my glasses now so I can’t really attest to the sharpness of it.

Make a wish! It's 11/11

Make a wish! It’s 11/11

On a side note, can you believe this was taken in the middle of downtown at 5 p.m.? So quiet, Christmasy, and of course beautiful.

And side note #2, I was feeling photo inspired (and RIDICULOUSLY productive). Who knows what it was – the high winds, the skies yesterday – but I actually brought my camera with me to work. Today was the first day that I’ve searched for a photo I’ve wanted to take, too. I had an IDEA for a PHOTO! It wasn’t the photo above because I just ran out of time (being super productive!).  And, I actually did work out today (again – productive.) so maybe my photo slump is over (and my workout metaphor).

And, after 250+ words – I think that about wraps it up. Thanks #project365.

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Day 61: red skies

Ok, pardon my Oregonian weather rant, but oh. Man. This weather was nutso today. Crazy wind, rain and skies.

I couldn’t resist this iPhone photo tonight. It was just about 5 o’clock and suddenly the entire office had a red hue. It was like there was a fire blazing outside our windows. But, it was just these clouds. The photo in no way does it justice, but for just a few moments it was literally amazing.


No edits.

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Day 60: shutterfly

I feel like this project 365 is like a workout I really don’t want to do but I know if I stop I’m going to regret it. I keep trying to psyche myself up for it thinking just get to day 60 (2 more minutes!) ok at least through the end of this year (just make it to 4 miles then you can stop) and eventually I’ll get to the end (or give in to my laziness). So right now I’m at stage make it through the end of the year. We’ll see.

Anywho. Today, this photo-related item arrived so it’s my iPhone photo of the day.

Now my phone is running out of space. I really feel like the world is telling me to stop! Computer backup was a moderate fail. I now have 50 GB free (from like 4) but the computer is still moving slow and quitting on me continually. Sooooo what’s a girl to do?! Help much appreciated 🙂

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